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Battletome: Daughters of Khaine

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This Battletome contains all the rules needed to march your Daughters of Khaine army to the gates of victory, you will also receive an array of new Allegiance Abilities including the Lore of Shadows and Prayers of the Khainite Cult. If you are looking for a fun new faction to play then look no further as the Daughters of Khaine is an exciting yet destructive clan with huge potential and endless gameplay possibilities.

  • Full rules and abilities for the Daughters of Khaine
  • Ways to customise your games for Open, Narrative and Matched Play
  • Warscrolls for every Daughters of Khaine miniature
  • 16 Warscrolls
  • 6 Warscroll Battalions
  • Allegiance Abilities, including;
    • The Lore of Shadows
    • Prayers of the Khainite Cult
  • Background