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Bolt Action Starter: Tank War - Soviet

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With over 70,000 units produced the T-34 is famous for its unconventional design. When it arrived early in the war the T-34 became a threat that the German's just couldn't handle. Designed to replace the monster sized KV tank series, the IS-2 was just as big and heavy but was even nastier. Equipped with a massive 122mm gun, its intention was to be a breakthrough tank, demolishing fortifications and clearing enemy positions.

This huge value starter set is filled to the brim with content, here's the breakdown:

  • 3 Plastic T-34/85 medium tanks
  • 3 Plastic IS-2 heavy tank
  • An A5 softcover Tank War Bolt Action supplement
  • A quick start booklet
  • A quick reference sheet
  • A set of templates, tokens and pin markers
  • Bolt Action Stat cards
  • 6 Bolt Action order dice
  • A set of vehicle damage markers
  • Vehicle decal sheets
  • Rulers and six-sided dice

Additional info

Game Type:
  • Tabletop Skirmish
  • War
  • World War 2
Game Series:
  • Bolt Action
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