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Space Wolves Thunderwolf Cavalry

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Only the most dedicated and skilled of Space Wolves may join the likes of the Thunderwolf Cavalry. This small, elite unit ride to war on the back of huge Thuderwolves - vicious and fast-paced creatures native to the cold, harsh plains of Fenris. These hard-hitting beasts are used to attack enemy flanks, using their speed to attack weaker enemy units. This multi-part plastic boxed set contains 121 components with which to build three Thunderwolf Cavalry models. This set comes with a selection of weaponry, including a frost blade, a power fist, a thunder hammer and three storm shields, as well as optional extras such as grenades, holstered bolt guns, bolt pistols and a choice of six different heads.
  • Boxed set contains 3 multi-part plastic models
  • Multiple weapons options

Additional info

Armies of the Imperium:
  • Space Wolves
Games Workshop
Unit Type:
  • Fast Attack